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Dear Members of the International Lung Sounds Association,

Sadly, as some of you may already know, Dr. Robert Loudon passed away on January 1, 2013. He was 87.

Dr. Loudon and Dr. Raymond L.H. Murphy cofounded the International Lung Sounds Association in 1976, and annual meetings have continued to this day. Dr. Loudon led the University of Cincinnati Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine with wisdom and grace for over 20 years. He recruited talented faculty, trained dozens of fellows, and made important contributions to pulmonary science. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word.

To honor Dr. Loudon's legacy, and with the encouragement and help of his family, we are establishing the Loudon Endowment Fund. Our ultimate objective is to reach the $2 million needed to establish the Loudon Endowed Chair at the University of Cincinnati. The principal of the endowment fund will never be spent, and the interest will be used to support the needs of the Division until the $2 million goal is reached. The Chair will be permanent, available to enhance discovery within the Division for all time, and will forever link the name of Dr. Loudon to the University that he loved.

$2 million dollars is a lot of money, and we will only be successful if we all work together. The family is actively engaged in the fundraising plan. The faculty and staff of the UC Pulmonary Division, which has grown three times in size since Dr. Loudon retired, are wholly committed to this effort. Several members of the Division have made 5-figure pledges, to be collected over several years. Grateful trainees who knew Dr. Loudon, and more recent trainees who have a sincere interest in the success of the Division, are a critical part of this effort. An anonymous donor has made an estate gift pledge estimated at over $1.5 million dollars. At this point we are confident that we will succeed in establishing an endowed chair, and we want to be sure that all who want to be included are afforded the opportunity.

We invite you - colleagues of the ILS who knew Robin, to contribute generously to the Loudon Endowment Fund. A high level of participation will honor the legacy of Dr. Loudon and demonstrate to his family the esteem with which he was held in the medical community. Please CLICK HERE to make your gift online or if you prefer, you may also send a check made payable to UC Foundation/Loudon Fund and mail it to:

UC Foundation/Loudon Fund
P.O. Box 19970
Cincinnati, OH 45219-0970

The attached PDF brochure will provide you with more detail about the Robert G. Loudon Endowment Fund. I hope you will join us in remembering and memorializing Robin Loudon. If you have any question, please email or call me ( 513-558-4831/frank.mccormack@uc.edu ) or contact Cynthia Khoo-Robinson, Director of Development ( 513-558-8622/ckr@uc.edu ).

I am looking forward to hearing from you.