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Our Annual Conferences have been a successful part of ILSA for many years.

• 2012 37th Annual Conference - held in Mayo (Dr. Rasanen) on Oct. 4th -5th
• 2013 38th Annual Conference - held in Kyoto (Dr. Nagasaka) on Nov. 14th -15 th
• 2014 39th Annual Conference - held in Boston (Dr. Ishikawa) on Oct. 10th -11th
• 2015 40th Annual Conference - held in Saint-Petersburg (Dr. Dyachenko and Dr. Korenbaum) on Sep. 24th-25th
• 2016 41st Annual Conference - held in Tokyo, Japan (Dr.Takase and Dr.Kudoh) on October 7th to 8th
• 2017 42nd Annual Conference - held in Tromso, Norway (Dr. Hasse) on Sep. 15th -16th
• 2018 43rd Annual Conference - held in Los Angeles, USA (Dr. Talbot) on Oct. 5th -6th

For more information on these conferences, please contact ilsa@coac.co.jp.

Please click HERE for the information regarding the 2019 conference.

The location has also been determined;
• The 2019 44th Annual Conference will be held in Nagoya, Japan (Dr. Yonemaru) on Nov. 10th.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Announcement of the Joint Conference of the 44th International Lung Sounds Association Conference and the 44th Japanese Lung Sounds Association Conference

Nagoya Castle in the heart of Nagoya city

It is a pleasure to announce that the joint conference of the 44th International Lung Sounds Association (ILSA) Conference and the 44th Japanese Lung Sounds Association (JLSA) Conference will be held in Nagoya, Japan on November 10th, 2019 (Sunday). This year’s joint conference was decided to be held in memory of the late president of ILSA Dr. Sadamu Ishikawa who suddenly passed away in April 2019. In aspiration for continuing lung sounds research, JLSA decides to host the 44th ILSA annual conference, in conjunction with the 44th annual conference of JLSA, as a Dr. Ishikawa memorial conference in Nagoya on November 10th, 2019 (Sunday). Consequently, however, the conference will be held in a limited framework. The joint session is planned to have a half day program where presentations in all fields of lung sounds research are welcome. Abstracts for oral presentation are due by September 15th for those who wish to present their works. Kindly RSVP to yonemaru@yanagibashihp.com if you plan to attend the conference. Venue is the main conference room of Suzuken headquarter located in central Nagoya city (8 Higashikatabata-machi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan). Detailed information on venue will be provided to those RSVP.

Hope all going well with members of ILSA.

Makoto Yonemaru, M.D., Ph.D.

President of the 44th ILSA conference and the 44th JLSA conference
Director, Eiju General Hospital Yanagibashi Annex